Eligibility:  Members and their guests are welcome at all events.  Trips are open to members only.  Our programs are geared for socializing, no need to be an expert skier.  Feel at ease on our trips.  Many people travel solo.  (Guests are subject to additional charges for events.)
Reservations:  Use reservation form supplied.  Complete all information requested and submit to Ski Club of Sarasota at the address given.  Deposit must accompany all reservations - full payment on day trips and events, and $200 for charters / week trips.  All prices and arrangements are subject to change due to additional cost incurred or unforeseen circumstances.  Additional costs are prorated among participants.

Roommates:  Requests made in writing by both parties will be honored.  Singles are successfully matched by sex, smoking/nonsmoking, age, etc.  Additional charges may be incurred for occupancies other than package offerings.

Party / Event Cancellation: Within seven days of event – no refund.  Cancellations greater than seven days will receive refund less minimum service charge of $5.  No refunds on unused services included in packages.

Trip Cancellation / Charges:  Participants transferring from one trip to another shall be considered as having canceled the first trip.  All cancellations shall be in writing to the trip leader and are subject to the terms below.
Up to 60 days prior to departure, upon replacement by a suitable traveler, refund of amount paid less $50 per person service charge.  Cancellations within 60 days of trip, no refund unless suitable replacement made.  If you are replaced, refund will be paid less $100 per person service charge.  Any unpaid balances within 60 days of departure, subject to cancellation by Ski Club of Sarasota and forfeiture of all monies paid.  Subject to rules set by travel agency and/or airlines.  NO REFUNDS ON UNUSED SERVICES included in packages.

Responsibility:  Participants agree to hold harmless the Ski Club of Sarasota, its agents, and/or representatives from any claims whatsoever resulting from participation in any club activity.  The Ski Club of Sarasota is not liable for faults or defaults of companies or persons carrying out services; nor for accidents, injuries, delays or cancellations; changes due to weather, acts of God, or War; baggage, lodging or reasons beyond the Club’s control.  The Ski Club of Sarasota reserves the right to make changes for any of the above reasons as well as insufficient participation.  Additional expenses incurred due to uncontrollable circumstances will be prorated among the participants.
Hazardous Sport:  Members understand that whether a beginning or expert skier, there are inherent risks in skiing and that it is a hazardous activity.  Participants understand injuries are common and hereby knowingly agree to accept any and all risks of injury or death when skiing or participating in other activities sponsored by the Ski Club of Sarasota.  Each accepts full responsibility for any and all personal property injury or damage in connection with ski trips or ski club activities and release the Ski Club of Sarasota, its officers, directors and agents from any liability of whatsoever nature arising out of membership and participation in Ski Club activities.

                                                                                                                                                                April 1990 / Revised January 2021